Payday Loan Consolidation Help

A loan simply refers to debt provided by an individual or organization to another individual or organization at an agreed interest rate that is recorded in a promissory note, and repayment period. Instant cash advance is also referred to as a payday advance. A payday loan generally refers to a short term unsecured loan that is extended to an individual by payday loan lenders, where they are expected to pay back during their next paycheck. It is mostly applied by individuals who are met by the unforeseen during their normal daily activities such as medical bills that come between paychecks. Payday lenders refer to businesses that provide payday loans. Payday loans are unsecured which means that no property is attached to as collateral in case the debtor fails to make payments promptly. To apply for a payday advance, there are certain the terms of the requirements that you are supposed to meet.

Eligibility of cash advances

Citizenship: To qualify for a cash advance you must provide the necessary proof of being a citizen of the United States.
Age: To secure a payday loan you must be in a position to make mature and sound decisions, hence a payday loan is extended to those who are of legal age, that is 18 years or older.
Employment: This is the most important factor to consider before asking for a payday loan. Payday lenders are not known to bother with the amount of income you receive by the end of the month, of uttermost importance is whether you have a steady employment as this would guarantee that you can fund your repayment plan accordingly. You are supposed to verify employment by providing your paycheck records.
An active bank account

Online payday loans deposit funds directly into your bank account so in order to receive a payday/cash advance, you must have a bank account that is active.


Why you should go for online payday loans

Online payday loans generally refer to payday loans that you fill on an online platform through available and trusted website. Most individuals willing to get payday advances opt to use online loans due to the various advantages that are associated with them. Firstly online payday loans provide you with ample time for you to study the required terms and conditions in order for you to understand exactly what you are getting into; you can complete this process at your own pace.

Secondly, Online Payday loans are fast in processing the transaction, such that once an individual applies, the loan is approved and then the money is finally sent to your account within a few business days.

Finally, these loans are easily available as they are on an online platform that guarantees 24-hour availability to anyone with a need.

These are just but a few benefits that are associated with Online Payday Loans that are for you to enjoy.Basic steps involved in filing Online Cash Advances

Filing online cash advances is not a much-involving task as compared to other procedures one has to endure mostly with financial lending institutions such as banks. Using the website you trust most is the first the most efficient way to kick-start your procedure in order to avoid unnecessary expenses. Through this website provides a payday loan application which asks for your basic information with this information the website then links you with a payday loan lender who will help you complete the process and give you the money you want. You are however required to sign necessary documents that explain the amount you want and your repayment period. This document also outlines the penalties and fees that may accrue in the event that you do not pay as agreed.



What is a Title Loan?

 Title Loans Work

Title Loans Work

Often referred to as car title loans or auto title loans, title loans are loans that use equity in your car for collateral. Because title loans are secured, you are able to borrow greater amounts and lower interest rates than unsecured loans (such as payday loans).

After completing the online application at Building Bridges Online, our network of title lenders will review your application. You will then be presented with a title loan offer based on the value of your vehicle. Your lender will arrange to collect your original title, but all loan documents will be electronically signed and delivered.

Does Building Bridges Online Issue My Title Loan?

No. Building Bridges Online is not a title lender. We help connect title lenders and borrowers. Borrowers who use our application process, which pre-screens them to ensure they meet our network lenders’ minimum requirements, are then able to apply at once to multiple lenders. Building Bridges Online does not determine or alter the terms of your loan; the value of your car, loan amount, interest rate, repayment schedule, fees and other terms of your loan are agreed upon exclusively by the lender and borrower.

What do I Need to Qualify?

Every title loan lender is different when it comes to who can and cannot qualify, but if you are at least 18 years old, have a steady income, own your car, and are a US citizen, you shouldn’t have a problem.

What about My Poor Credit?

not concerned with your credit score

not concerned with your credit score

Title loan lenders are not concerned with your credit score. Your loan will depend on what your vehicle is worth and your ability to repay your loan.

How Much Will I Be Able To Borrow?

The amount of your loan depends on how much your vehicle is worth.

Will I Have to Give up My Car during the Loan?

No. You will retain possession of your car during the life of the loan.

What Will Happen if I Can’t Repay My Title Loan?

Building Bridges Online is not a title lender, so we will not enforce payment. Your title lender has the ability to impose penalties and interest or even take possession of your car if you do not repay your loan.

Why Should I Work With Building Bridges Online to Get a Title Loan?

Using Building Bridges Online to get a title loan is a smart decision for individuals who want the process to be as seamless and quick as possible. Remember, since title loans are secured with collateral it means that you, the borrower, can get more money with lower interest rates. Building Bridges Online can connect you with our network of lenders who are ready to compete for your business.


Can a Payday Loan Consolidation Help Me?

payday loan consolidation can help!

payday loan consolidation can help!

Yes! If you are struggling with large amounts of payday loan debt then you may be in need of a payday loan consolidation. Here’s how it works – first we’ll determine how much you can pay towards your payday loans each month. Next, that amount is deposited into a bank account in your name each month. Once there is enough money in the account, Building Bridges Online will contact your payday lenders to start negotiating a settlement on your payday loan balance.

How Much Will I Pay Each Month?

Your monthly payment will be based on your overall payday loan debt amount in addition to what you are able to pay. Ultimately, Building Bridges Online wants to free you from the multiple payday loan payments you can’t afford, and we achieve this by crafting a plan with a single affordable payment.

Will All of My Lenders Communicate with You?

How Long Will This Process Take?

how long will this process take?

Building Bridges Online has relationships with a large number of payday loan lenders and their respective collection agencies. Lenders are not obligated to work with us, but the majority of them realize that it’s in both parties’ best interest to find a settlement rather than to go into the collection process.

So I Won’t Have To Pay Off My Full Loan Amount?

Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that because lenders are not legally required to negotiate with us or agree to any settlement amount.

How Long Will This Process Take?

Usually, anywhere from 6 to 18 months, but it truly depends on the amount of your debt, what kind of monthly payment you can feasibly make, and how successful Building Bridges Online is in negotiating settlements with your payday loan lenders. If you would like to call us for a free debt consultation, Building Bridges Online can give you more specific estimates on what a payday loan consolidation can do for you.